Haw Par Villa


Originally known as Tiger Balm Gardens, Haw Par Villa stands as a distinctive cultural theme park nestled in Singapore. Renowned for its intricate and sometimes surreal statues and dioramas depicting Chinese folklore, mythology, and moral tales, the park was established by the Aw brothers, creators of Tiger Balm ointment, as an avenue for both education and entertainment.

Statues and Dioramas

Haw Par Villa boasts a diverse array of sculptures and dioramas narrating tales from Chinese legends, history, and Buddhist teachings:

- Ten Courts of Hell: Among its most renowned sections, it vividly portrays the various punishments awaiting souls in the afterlife, as per Chinese beliefs.

- Journey to the West: Dioramas depict scenes from the classic Chinese novel, showcasing the exploits of the Monkey King and his cohorts.

- Goddesses of Mercy: Statues representing various goddesses embody virtues such as compassion, benevolence, and wisdom.

Cultural Significance

The park serves as a captivating intersection of art, culture, and spirituality:

- Educational Mission: Originally conceived to impart Chinese values and ethics through visual storytelling, it continues to educate visitors about traditional beliefs.

- Cultural Heritage: Haw Par Villa stands as a testament to Chinese culture, offering insights into folklore and beliefs of yore.


- MRT and Bus: Accessible via the Circle Line's Haw Par Villa station, the park is a short walk away. Alternatively, buses serve nearby stops.

- Car/Taxi/Ride-Sharing: Taxis or ride-sharing services provide convenient transportation options.

Operating Hours and Admission

As operational hours and admission policies may vary, it's advisable to consult the official website or reliable sources for current information prior to visiting.

Visitor Tips

- Dress Comfortably: Given the need for walking, comfortable attire and footwear are recommended.

- Hydration: Singapore's climate can be warm and humid, so carrying water is advisable.

- Respectful Conduct: Due to the cultural and religious significance of some exhibits, respectful behavior and adherence to guidelines are essential.

In essence, Haw Par Villa offers a distinctive and intriguing experience, offering insights into traditional Chinese culture, mythology, and moral teachings. It serves as a destination that both captivates and educates, providing a window into Singapore's rich cultural heritage.

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