National Museum of Singapore


As the oldest museum in Singapore, the National Museum of Singapore stands as a guardian of the nation's cultural and historical legacy. Positioned in the heart of the city, it presents a diverse array of artifacts, exhibitions, and interactive showcases that narrate Singapore's journey through time, from its past to its present and envisioned future.

Historical Significance and Architectural Splendor

Originally established in 1887 as the Raffles Library and Museum, the museum's edifice is steeped in history. Over time, it underwent several transformations before evolving into the National Museum of Singapore. Its architecture seamlessly melds neoclassical elements with modern designs, preserving its heritage while integrating contemporary features.

Permanent Collections

The National Museum of Singapore houses permanent exhibitions that delve into various facets of the nation's history and culture:

- Singapore History Gallery: This exhibit leads visitors on a chronological expedition spanning Singapore's evolution from a humble trading post to a cosmopolitan hub.

- Life in Singapore: The Past 100 Years: Capturing the essence of daily life over the last century, this exhibition illuminates the societal, cultural, and technological shifts that have shaped Singapore.

- Growing Up: Childhood in Singapore: Delving into childhood experiences, education, and traditions, this captivating exhibit offers insights into Singapore's youthful years.

Special Exhibitions and Engagements

Complementing its permanent displays, the museum hosts an array of special exhibitions, events, and programs throughout the year. These thematic showcases spotlight specific eras, artists, or cultural phenomena, offering visitors fresh perspectives on Singapore's heritage and contemporary narratives.

Interactive Immersion and Multimedia Integration

Embracing technology, the museum employs interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and audio guides to enrich visitor experiences, fostering deeper engagement across all age groups.

Museum Shop and Café

A curated museum shop offers a selection of books, souvenirs, and gifts celebrating Singapore's culture and history. Additionally, an onsite café provides a relaxing ambiance for visitors to savor refreshments and light fare.

Events and Educational Endeavors

Regular workshops, talks, screenings, and performances provide avenues for interactive learning and cultural engagement, enriching visitors' understanding of Singapore's diverse heritage.

Accessibility and Amenities

Designed with inclusivity in mind, the National Museum of Singapore ensures accessibility for all visitors, including those with disabilities. Facilities such as ramps, elevators, accessible restrooms, and guided tours with sign language interpreters cater to diverse needs.

Transport Accessibility

Conveniently situated, the museum is easily reachable via various transportation modes:

- MRT: The Bras Basah MRT station (Circle Line) and the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station (North-East, North-South, and Circle Lines) are within walking distance.

- Buses: Several bus routes pass along Stamford Road, in close proximity to the museum.

Operating Hours and Admission

For the latest information on operating hours, admission fees, exhibitions, and special events, visitors are encouraged to consult the museum's official website.

In essence, the National Museum of Singapore offers a captivating voyage through the nation's history, culture, and identity, presenting a holistic exploration through its exhibits, programs, and events. It stands as an indispensable destination for those eager to delve into Singapore's rich tapestry of heritage.

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