Singapore Zoo and Night Safari


Renowned for its innovative habitats designed to mimic natural environments, the Singapore Zoo stands as a premier zoological park, offering visitors an immersive journey into the world of wildlife. Adjacent to it lies the Night Safari, the world's pioneering nocturnal zoo, where the mysteries of the nighttime wilderness unfold under gentle illumination.

Key Features and Attractions

- Open Concept: At the Singapore Zoo, animals roam freely in expansive enclosures mirroring their native habitats, fostering a sense of authenticity and freedom.

- Rainforest Kidzworld: Catering to young explorers, this section boasts interactive exhibits, aquatic play areas, and captivating animal presentations, ensuring an enriching experience for children.

- Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia: Transporting visitors to the African savannah, this habitat teems with majestic lions, graceful zebras, and towering giraffes, evoking the splendor of the wild plains.

- Fragile Forest: A verdant oasis enveloped in mist, where visitors can interact with playful lemurs amidst lush foliage, offering an immersive rainforest encounter.

- Frozen Tundra: Delve into the icy realm of polar bears with underwater viewing zones, providing a mesmerizing glimpse into the lives of these Arctic giants.

- Animal Shows: From the aquatic acrobatics of Splash Safari to the thrilling antics of Rainforest Fights Back, the zoo hosts a myriad of captivating performances showcasing the talents and behaviors of its diverse inhabitants.

Night Safari

Enveloped in the cloak of darkness, the Night Safari unveils a realm of nocturnal wonders, where elusive creatures come to life amidst shadowy landscapes and subdued lighting.

Key Experiences

- Tram Safari: Embark on a guided tram expedition traversing distinct habitats, from the rugged domains of tigers to the serene realms of elephants, offering nocturnal encounters like no other.

- Walking Trails: Explore winding pathways such as the Fishing Cat Trail and Leopard Trail, unveiling the secrets of nocturnal ecosystems and their elusive denizens.

- Creatures of the Night Show: Witness the enchanting spectacle of animals showcasing their innate behaviors in a captivating live presentation, providing insights into their nighttime rituals and adaptations.

Transportation and Accessibility

Reaching these twin marvels of wildlife conservation is effortless, with a range of transportation options available:

1. Public Bus: Accessible via buses such as 138, 927, or 926, alighting at the Singapore Zoo bus stop.

2. MRT and Bus: Conveniently linked to the North-South Line's Ang Mo Kio Station, followed by a short bus ride on 138 to reach the zoo.

3. Shuttle Service: Opt for the Singapore Attractions Express shuttle service, facilitating seamless transit between major hotels and the zoo.

4. Taxi/Ride-Sharing: Direct access via taxis or ride-sharing services ensures a swift journey to both attractions.

5. Self-Drive: For independent travelers, access via the Central Expressway and Mandai Lake Road offers convenient entry points.

Note: Visitors can explore both the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari on the same day, owing to their close proximity. It is advisable to check the official websites for updated hours, ticketing information, and special events prior to your visit.

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