Deepavali in Singapore

Deepavali, also known as Diwali, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated in Singapore and various parts of the world by people of Indian origin. Deepavali is often referred to as the "Festival of Lights" and symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. In Singapore, Deepavali is a public holiday and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Here's how Deepavali is celebrated in Singapore:

Homes and Decorations

Prior to Deepavali, homes are cleaned, decorated, and illuminated with oil lamps (diyas) and colorful lights. Rangoli (intricate patterns made with colored powders or rice) are drawn at doorsteps to welcome guests and bring good luck.


Leading up to Deepavali, there is a tradition of purchasing new clothes, jewelry, and household items. This symbolizes a fresh start and prosperity.

Prayers and Worship

On Deepavali morning, families visit temples to offer prayers and seek blessings. Special prayers and ceremonies are held to honor deities such as Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Oil Baths

Taking an oil bath is a traditional practice on Deepavali morning. It symbolizes the cleansing of the body and soul, and the bath is often followed by wearing new clothes.

Exchange of Sweets and Gifts

Families and friends exchange sweets, snacks, and gifts as a gesture of goodwill and to strengthen relationships.

Visiting Relatives

Deepavali is a time for family gatherings and reunions. People visit the homes of relatives and friends to exchange greetings and spend quality time together.


Elaborate feasts are prepared, featuring a variety of traditional Indian dishes and sweets. This is a time for indulgence and sharing meals with loved ones.

Lighting Oil Lamps

Lighting oil lamps or diyas is a central aspect of Deepavali. The lamps are placed inside and outside homes to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness and to welcome prosperity.

Fireworks and Celebrations

Fireworks displays and celebrations are a common sight during Deepavali, adding to the festive atmosphere and symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Cultural Performances

Many cultural performances, dances, and music events are organized during the Deepavali season to showcase the rich heritage of Indian culture.

Charitable Activities

Deepavali emphasizes the importance of giving and sharing with those less fortunate. Many individuals and organizations participate in charitable activities such as distributing food, clothing, and gifts to the needy.

Deepavali is a time of joy, unity, and spiritual reflection for the Indian community in Singapore. The festival's vibrant celebrations showcase the multicultural nature of the country and highlight the values of light, knowledge, and compassion.

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