Craft Beers and Cocktails

Craft beers and cocktails have gained popularity in Singapore's vibrant food and beverage scene, offering locals and visitors a diverse range of options to explore and enjoy. Here's more about craft beers and cocktails in Singapore:

Craft Beers

Craft Beer Movement

The craft beer movement has made a significant impact on Singapore's drinking culture in recent years. Breweries and craft beer bars have emerged, offering a wide selection of unique and flavorful beers.

Local Breweries

Singapore is home to a growing number of local craft breweries that produce a variety of beer styles, from IPAs (India Pale Ales) to stouts, porters, and more. These breweries often experiment with innovative ingredients and brewing techniques.

Craft Beer Bars

Many bars and pubs in Singapore offer a curated selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles. These venues showcase both local and international craft beers, providing beer enthusiasts with a chance to explore different flavors and styles.

Craft Beer Festivals

Singapore hosts craft beer festivals that bring together local and international brewers, providing an opportunity for people to sample a wide range of craft beers in one location.


Cocktail Culture

Singapore's cocktail scene is vibrant and dynamic, with a mix of classic cocktail bars, modern mixology establishments, and speakeasy-style venues.

Local Ingredients

Some cocktail bars in Singapore incorporate local ingredients and flavors into their drinks, creating unique and Singapore-inspired concoctions.

Mixology Expertise

Many cocktail bars in Singapore are known for their skilled mixologists who craft inventive and well-balanced cocktails. These experts often experiment with house-made syrups, infusions, and creative presentation techniques.

Speakeasy Bars

Singapore has a number of hidden speakeasy bars, offering a more intimate and exclusive experience for cocktail enthusiasts. These bars often focus on high-quality ingredients and exceptional service.

Rooftop Bars

Singapore's skyline is dotted with rooftop bars that offer breathtaking views of the cityscape. These venues often serve both classic cocktails and innovative creations.

Cocktail Workshops

Some cocktail bars and mixology schools in Singapore offer workshops and classes for those interested in learning the art of crafting cocktails.

Events and Festivals

Singapore Cocktail Festival

This annual festival celebrates cocktails and mixology, featuring masterclasses, pop-up bars, and cocktail competitions.

Craft Beer Events

Various craft beer events and festivals take place in Singapore, offering attendees a chance to sample a wide variety of craft beers.

Legal Drinking Age

The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 years old. Anyone under this age is prohibited from purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages.

Whether you're a fan of craft beers or cocktails, Singapore's diverse and dynamic F&B scene offers a wide range of options to explore and savor. From local craft brews to innovative cocktails, you'll find something to suit your preferences and elevate your drinking experience in the city.

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