EZ-Link Card

The EZ-Link card is a contactless smart card used for fare payments on public transportation in Singapore. It is a versatile and convenient way to pay for rides on buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation within the city-state. Here are some key details about the EZ-Link card:


- The EZ-Link card is widely used for commuting on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, buses, and some taxis in Singapore.

- It can also be used for payment on some other modes of transport, such as LRT (Light Rail Transit) and public ferries.

- The card can be easily tapped on card readers located at entry and exit points of train stations, buses, and other transit systems, allowing for quick and seamless fare payment.


- Convenience: The card eliminates the need for carrying cash or purchasing individual tickets for each ride.

- Cost Savings: The EZ-Link card often provides slightly discounted fares compared to single-trip ticket purchases.

- Rechargeable: The card can be topped up with stored value at various locations, including train stations, bus interchanges, convenience stores, and online platforms.

- Multiple Modes: The card can be used across different modes of transportation, providing a unified payment solution.

- Time Savings: The contactless nature of the card speeds up boarding and alighting, reducing overall travel time.


- Besides the standard EZ-Link card, there are special editions and themed cards available. These may feature popular characters, designs, or collaborations.

- Some versions offer additional benefits, such as discounts at participating merchants and attractions.

Where to Get and Recharge

- EZ-Link cards can be purchased and topped up at TransitLink Ticket Offices, Add Value Machines, selected convenience stores, and online platforms.

- Tourists can also opt for the Singapore Tourist Pass, which offers unlimited rides for a specified duration and is a great alternative to the EZ-Link card for short-term visitors.

Validity and Expiry

- The EZ-Link card has a validity period and an expiration date, after which it can no longer be used.

- Some cards may have a longer validity if they are frequently topped up or used.

The EZ-Link card is a practical and widely accepted way to access public transportation in Singapore. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, using an EZ-Link card can make your commute more convenient and cost-effective.

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