Airports in Singapore

Singapore boasts two prominent airports. Changi Airport stands out as a globally recognized hub for international air travel, providing exceptional amenities and connectivity. Meanwhile, Seletar Airport specializes in general aviation, accommodating private jets, regional flights, and serving as a hub for general aviation operations. Together, these airports exemplify Singapore's dedication to offering efficient and diverse air travel options.

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport holds a prestigious position as one of the world's foremost airports, serving as the primary international gateway to Singapore. Comprising multiple terminals, each equipped with a plethora of services, facilities, and connections to destinations worldwide, Changi Airport ensures a seamless travel experience for passengers. Read further

Seletar Airport

Seletar Airport serves as Singapore's hub for business and general aviation activities. Catering to a range of users including international aircraft charters, private flights, training operations, and aircraft undergoing maintenance, repair, and overhaul, Seletar Airport plays a vital role in supporting aviation endeavors. Additionally, it facilitates scheduled commercial flights, contributing to the overall air transport network of Singapore. Read further

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