Seletar Airport

Seletar Airport, situated in the northern region of Singapore, serves as a supplementary airfield to Changi Airport. Despite its smaller size and narrower international reach, Seletar Airport holds considerable importance within the aviation sector. Initially established as a military base, it has undergone transformations to cater to general aviation, private jet operations, and regional flights.

Equipped with contemporary amenities tailored to its specific user groups, Seletar Airport excels in providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for aircraft, positioning itself as a focal point for aviation maintenance and associated industries. Moreover, the airport facilitates flight training, fostering the development of aviation education within the vicinity.

Regarding accessibility, Seletar Airport is integrated into the public transportation system with bus and taxi connections. It serves as a convenient portal for individuals seeking private or business travel, flight instruction, or regional air travel. With its strategic positioning and specialized infrastructure, Seletar Airport significantly contributes to Singapore's aviation capabilities, complementing the services offered by Changi Airport.

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