Singapore Travel Agent Directory

In Singapore, travel agencies are mandated to obtain licensing from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to operate legally. The STB serves as the governmental body overseeing the regulation and advancement of tourism in Singapore. To acquire and uphold their license, travel agencies must meet specific criteria and conform to guidelines established by the STB.

This stringent process guarantees that travelers can place their trust in licensed travel agents for various travel arrangements, encompassing tour packages, ticketing services, and other pertinent travel-related services. When selecting a travel agent in Singapore, it's highly recommended to opt for one that holds a valid license issued by the Singapore Tourism Board. This verification ensures a legitimate and reputable service for your travel needs.

96 Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
Ace Tours & Travel Pte Ltd
Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel Pte Ltd
Airelated Travel Pte Ltd
Airserve Marine Travel Pte Ltd

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