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Fundamentally, the core function of a travel agent in Singapore is to act as an intermediary, linking providers of tourism-related products with their clientele or affiliates. They execute this role by either directly vending individual products or by amalgamating various offerings to create inclusive packages for customers or partners. In return for this service, travel agents earn a portion of the sale price, typically in the form of a mark-up or a commission. This compensation reflects the value they add in facilitating and organizing travel arrangements for their clients.

There are four main categories that encompass the role of travel agents:

1. Outbound Travel Agents

Outbound Travel Agents cater to individuals looking to journey out of Singapore. Some make use of group or pre-arranged travel packages, while others are specialized outbound agents who curate personalized trips with unique itineraries, leading customers on distinct adventures. These agents might even partake in familiarization trips to gain firsthand knowledge of hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, enhancing their ability to promote these offerings.

2. Inbound Travel Agents

Inbound Travel Agents actively promote Singapore as a destination to international travelers. They are skilled in highlighting the diverse facets of Singapore to appeal to various target demographics. Within this category, there exists a subset known as Destination Management Companies (DMCs), which extend beyond basic services to offer a comprehensive array of on-ground assistance. DMCs often oversee cruise groups, meetings, and incentive programs. Inbound travel agents are often privileged to be among the first to experience Singapore's latest hotels and attractions.

3. Corporate Travel Agents

Corporate Travel Agents, also referred to as Travel Management Companies (TMCs), excel in efficiently managing travel arrangements for businesses. They play a crucial role in ensuring that companies adhere to their travel policies while keeping costs in check. Particularly adept at serving corporate clients, TMCs possess expertise in navigating complex flight itineraries to optimize both time and value.

4. Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents constitute a contemporary addition to the realm of travel agents. Operating solely online without a physical storefront, they offer their services exclusively through their websites. Customers utilize these platforms to directly book flights, accommodations, transfers, tours, and activities. These agents are commonly denoted as 'OTAs'.

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